De ce sa redirectionezi 20% din impozitul pe profit catre Ever2Excel.

your advantage

your employees, young potential (high potential) you want to prepare them for positions with more responsibilities, priority in our training programs for managers Complex – MIB program – Manager for Smart Business.
Practically, with money, Put in place a scholarship program for employees in management specialization, the program very attractive for any young capable and ambitious.


  • Management de proiect (SMEs) – 3 days (fast track)
  • Analiza de business – Current state diganostic (As Is), describe the desired state (To Be), develop alternative solutions to bridge the gap, prepare a Business case, collaborates with the Project Manager for the implementation of the solution – and the end!
  • Operational excellence
    • Lean
    • 5S
    • FMEA
    • Value Stream Map
    • SPC
  • Leadersip you communicate – plus value and performance bring people (teams) polarized, motivated and inspired.
  • Simulation – using one of the most powerful and flexible simulation applications business context – SimTeam – expose participants in scenarios that allow them to practice skills and knowledge gained in the use of an interactive, credible and safe.

our advantage

Many, but not much:

  • We fulfill the mission that we have undertaken a: we contribute to building a normal society, that pays and rewards that you know and can, not liking nepotism.
  • We increase the prestige of the best providers of know-how and education pole.
  • Vostrii become preferred suppliers.

Cum redirecţionezi 20%?

The way is very simple redirect:

  • The Company calculates the amount of the 20% profit tax
  • The company concludes a Sponsorship contract the NGO that aims to support him, and expenses are deductible.

This sponsorship does not involve additional expenses and does not affect the company's net profit.
The deadline diverting income tax 31 December.

legal basis

TAX PROFIT of any company can be redirected to an NGO which supports a social cause, without any additional expense. Pentru a putea fi scazuta din impozitul pe profit aferent anului fiscal curent, redirected amount can not exceed 3 ‰ of the turnover, and payments must be made till date 31 December.
According to Law No.. 32/1994 on sponsorship, with subsequent amendments, sponsorship programs is based on the contract in writing between the sponsor and beneficiary, specifying the object, the magnitude and duration of sponsorship, and the rights and obligations of the parties. The reason it necessary conclusion is that the sponsorship contract, essentially, the act of sponsorship makes a transfer of ownership or property values.
In the case of sponsorships in material goods, they will be evaluated, the legal document concluded, at their fair value are handed over to beneficiary.
Conform Art. 21 (4), title II, Tax Code, taxpayers who make sponsorships and / or patronage, according to the law on sponsorship and law libraries, deducted from income tax related amounts due, if the following conditions are met:

  1. They are within 3 ‰ of the turnover;
  2. do not exceed more than 20%, the tax due.